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Industry Regulators

Regulator for Energy & Water Services

The Regulator for Energy & Water Services (REWS) regulates the operations, activities, and practices of the energy and water sectors in Malta; namely Enemalta plc and the Water Services Corporation, including their subsidiary companies. This incorporates the regulation of retailers and operators in the regulated sectors including: operators of petrol stations, suppliers and delivery operators of gas and kerosene, offshore bunkering companies, private operators of desalination plants and operators of road tankers; tradesmen and service providers such as electricians, installers of renewable energy systems and competent persons in the regulated sectors.


The Building Industry Consultative Council (BICC) was established to monitor the building industry in Malta. The BICC recognises the industry as a strong social and economic contributor and its role is to advise policymakers to improve sustainable development. The council is made up of all stakeholders involved within the construction sector, advising the government on construction issues, and assisting with the implementation of EU legislation to ensure Malta satisfies its commitment towards energy targets.
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Education & Training

St. Bernard’s Safety Training Institute

St. Bernard’s offers a range of first aid and safety training courses in Malta across a range of industries and is licensed by The National Commission for Future and Higher Education. St. Bernard’s offers e-courses, as well as at their premises or can be held at work locations.


The Malta International Training Centre (MITC) provides education and training to the professional services industry in Malta. MITC MITC offers programmes through assessing the needs of the industry and has achieved international repute particularly in the Insurance, Money Laundering, Risk Management, Financial Services, Investments, and Compliance and Regulation fields.


The Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST) was established in 2001 and is Malta’s leading vocational education and training institution. MCAST currently offers 180 full-time and 300 part time courses with qualifications ranging from certifications to Master’s degrees. Providing the workforce with technical and professional expertise, MCAST is responsive to the needs of industry as it adapts to the changing global economy.
University of Malta Logo

University of Malta

The University of Malta is the leading higher education institution structured in line the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education area. The University of Malta is a key contributor in producing highly qualified professionals across multiple disciplines which is essential for Malta’s economic, as well as social and cultural development.
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