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No, Check Your Traders makes no Guarantee on any services provided by its listed Tradesmen.

A Verified Tradesman would like to hear your feedback and has chosen to give you, the Homeowner, the opportunity to review their work. This will not only benefit future Homeowners when choosing their Tradesman, but also benefits the Tradesman by giving them a true track record of their workmanship.

Checkyourtraders.com does not accept any Verified Tradesman without Proof of the Legal Right to work in Malta & Gozo.

An Unverified Tradesman has chosen to list on www.checkyourtraders.com and not to provide Proof of Legal Right to work in Malta & Gozo.

This does not mean that an Unverified Tradesman is unskilled or not up to the Job. This is the personal choice of the Tradesman.

No, Check Your Traders does not recommend any Tradesman.

www.checkyourtraders.com gives you, the Homeowner, all the tools you need to make your own informed decision when looking for your next Tradesman.

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